Andrew Couldwell

Showcase and news website for an illustrators agents in London, representing artists & illustrators around the world.

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April 2011


Phosphor Art are an artists & illustrators agents in London.


Build. Design. Ideas. Website.


. . . . .


Phosphor Art needed a new website to showcase their artists, filter content, introduce editorial features, incorporate & promote their social network presences and encourage sharing.

Social media.

In addition to designing and building their website, I also curate their blog and social networks.



Wireframes. Design. Build.


Illustrator. Photoshop. Coda. WordPress.


HTML5. CSS. jQuery. PHP.

Home page

Simply a portal into the website. A feature panel at the top allows the agency to showcase a few artists/illustrators, which they can change periodically. Below that are three feeds for the latest article for three different categories of news items. There is a Flickr and Twitter feed, an e-newsletter sign-up, and the usual links to social networks.


The interesting thing about this website is that it's kinda upside down! The footer is at the top of the page with the address, contact details and social links. This is intended to give higher priority to their all important contact details and location (London & New York).


In order to create quick access to all the artists portfolios, news items and the art, the navigation is constrained to the left column. The primary links are larger at the top. Below that is a simple accordion menu that allows the user to quickly find a specific artist, and to filter through the different styles of art/illustrations on the site to find a style/illustrator to hire.

Artist portfolio

Each artist/illustrator they represent has their own profile page with their biography, useful links, any news related to them and of course their portfolio.


A lot of agency websites display thumbnails leading to the full artwork, I find this tiresome, especially when the primary purpose of an art agency website is to scan portfolios to find a style you like... to hire that artist. So the masonry/tile effect grid works well for showing the art in all it's glory, while still looking great.


Click to view art in more detail.


The user can also click through to a page with just that art on, so they can share it, comment on it, bookmark it for later or send to a client.


A visual blog, again following the masonry style grid so the images can shine in their original un-cropped states.

Wireframes, UX and UI